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Support for students

Projects to be funded this year

ENS Foundation scholarships

Helping ENS achieve its ambitions for socio-economic diversity
The CROUS scholarship supplement program is part of the social diversity plan that the ENS is implementing since July 2021.

Women and Science scholarships

Achieving gender parity in scientific fields
The objective is to finance the education of female students via a scholarship of €15,000 per year per scholarship holder.

Scholarships in mathematics, computer science and artificial intelligence

Funding excellence scholarships
The training at the Ecole Normale is in fact recognized as one of the most advanced and sought-after in all professions linked to data sciences, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Olympic scholarships

Diversification of international recruitment
The goal is to continue the diversification of recruitment by internationalizing it while being competitive with the best foreign institutions.

International mobility scholarships

An opening to the world
The objective is a budget of €50,000 for this international mobility.

Funding scholarships for foreign academic in displacement

As part of the national support fund for establishments launched in 2017 by the Ministry of National Education, the ENS welcomes foreign researchers and teacher-researchers in emergency situations (this is the case of several Syrian or Turkish academics notably). Your donations help supplement this fund, which does not cover all expenses and does not allow us to respond to all requests. There is also a possibility to create labeled scholarships, in the name of donors or their companies, dedicated to supporting these foreign academics in exile.

Support for students
Research and innovation