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How to establish a bequest?

To Transmit to the Ecole Normale Supérieure: Scholars, our heirs

Recognized as a charitable organization, the ENS Foundation can receive bequests with full exemption from inheritance tax. Making a bequest, donation or life insurance policy with the ENS Foundation as a beneficiary is an extremely important commitment, for you, your family and the future of ENS. In this way, you can allow ENS to undertake ambitious projects for present and future generations. The story that began in 1794 will continue with you.

Thanks to bequests, an asset transfer and tax optimization tool, which you can learn more about in the dedicated brochure available for download below, you can bequeath real estate to ENS, or give it the benefit of a donation by designating it as universal legatee. The ENS Foundation is here to ensure that your wishes are respected; its organization and the total transparency of its operations guarantee this.

École normale supérieure is a unique institution in the French and global higher education landscape.

Like you, we want the institution to continue. It must continue to evolve, while retaining its specific characteristics: training for excellence through fundamental research, where intellectual curiosity and a transdisciplinary focus are the foundation.

To pursue its development, ENS is implementing several initiatives, including those presented in this document “Transmettre pour l’École normale supérieure – Les savants : vos héritiers”:

  • the “socioeconomic diversity” plan to welcome and support all the best talents, whatever their origins and backgrounds, with a scholarship program;
  • new courses such as the Medicine and Humanities program;
  • Europe’s first quantitative biology center, QBio, for living systems.

As part of our goal to make these programs sustainable, a capitalized fund will be set up.

Segment from the letter from Marc Mézard, Director of ENS, and Jacques Massot, Director of the ENS Foundation, to the alumni concerned.


To request a copy, please contact us.

Legacy, donation and life insurance brochure

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