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Research and innovation

Projects to be funded this year


Creating the first european center for quantitative biology

The new Center for Quantitative Biology (QBio) aims to place itself at the forefront of transformative changes underway in high-throughput experimental techniques, imaging and microscopy with the ability to efficiently compile and analyze large quantities of data to extract relevant information in order to facilitate the deciphering of the complex systems involved in living systems.

Medecine and Humanities

Encouraging the training and transmission of medical humanities

Our aim is to perpetuate this program which was set up thanks to the initial support of the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and MGEN.

European Anthropology Research Chair

At the heart of global humanities

€200,000/year over 5 years to welcome an internationally renowned professor and give them the means to accomplish their work.

Prize for normalian start-ups (Start-Ulm)

The reward for innovation, research and business creation

Finance, up to €5,000, the reward which accompanies the Jury Prize in order to provide assistance with the capital or the development of the young winning start-ups.

Equipment (physics laboratory, biology, IT, etc.)

Support for students
Research and innovation