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From 2017 to 2022, the ENS Foundation and École normale supérieure led a campaign to raise funds from generous donors, which involved partner businesses, individuals and foundations.

The 4 Pillars of ENS Foundation

Support for students

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Research and Innovation

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The 4 themes of the campaign

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
Quantitative Biology and living systems
Globalization and the Humanities
Earth and Sustainability

Campaign Committee

« This campaign was launched to support the ENS and ENS Foundation’s fundraising efforts, and I have the honor of chairing the initiative. The committee’s role is to support the school and the Fondation’s fundraising ambitions by mobilizing our professional networks, identifying and approaching potential donors, and advising the Foundation about businesses that have a vested interested in our research projects. We are a committee of ambassadors committed to the school’s development and future. »

Anne Bouverot
Anne Bouverot
Head of campaign (1985 S)

Members of the Campaign Committee
Anne Bouverot, Chairwoman of the board of directors of Technicolor, Chairwoman of the campaign committee (1985 S)
Pascal Blanqué, Deputy CEO Amundi (1985 L)
Sophie Boissard, CEO of Korian group (1989 L)
Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Co-founder, President of Capital Fund Management (1981 S)
François Brunet, Partner, Logan Lovells LLP (1979 L)
Hélène Huby, Founder of Exploration Space (1999 L)
Stéphane Israël, Executive Chairman Arianespace (1991 L)
Isabelle Kocher (1987 S)
Xavier Lazarus, President Elaïa Partners (1991 S)
Nicolas Paulmier, Aldebaran Capital Partners (1983 S)
Cédric Villani, Mathematician, MP (1992 S)
Antoine Winckler, Lawyer, Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP (1976 L)

Ex Officio Members
Lionel Zinsou, President of the ENS Foundation (1975 L)
Jacques Massot, Director of the ENS Foundation (1968 L)
Marc Mézard, Director of the ENS, Vice-President of the Foundation of the ENS (1976 S)

« My name is Clément, I grew up on the Côte D’Azur and since school I have always juggled coursework with volunteering and community involvement. What drives me is to look at the world in a different light and to be able to discuss it. I had access to a well-rounded middle and high school experience where I was exposed to scientific coursework and German literature; my teachers always exposed us to the world of research. I had the chance to continue my community work in high school alongside my coursework. What immediately appealed to me at the ENS was the “à la carte” approach to teaching, combined with an unrivalled diversity of departments and a student life that’s very much integrated into the school. There’s plenty of opportunity to acquire a very good grounding in one or two disciplines, to interact with the school’s other departments and to play an active role in making things happen, within the school and/or more generally in society. The scholarship program that is funded by donors of the ENS Foundation allow me to dedicate myself 100% to my academic experience and make the most out of my time at the school, balancing between my studies in the sciences and humanities and volunteering in student organisations at the school. I could not dream of a better academic experience! »

Clément Astruc-Delor
ENS Student

The 2017-2022 campaign report is available

Download (Pdf)