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Activity report 2023: your gifts in action

Donations to the ENS Foundation have a tangible impact on École normale supérieure. As the ENS Foundation’s 2023 activity report demonstrates, the support of private donors is transformative for the school, its student community, its research, and its heritage.

Donations have a multiplier effect, profoundly transforming the living and working conditions of the school’s students and teacher-researchers. Through their generosity, donors help open up our community to greater diversity, accelerate scientific discoveries and increase the impact of the school’s research in France and beyond.

In this report, figures, photos, and testimonials review last year’s actions and bear witness to what this support has made possible:

158 students received a supplement to their CROUS scholarship for the 2023/2024 academic year. This supplement now amounts to 75% of the CROUS grant.

Nearly 200,000 euros were paid out to beneficiaries of the ENS Foundation’s social grants

The Physics Department welcomed its first gender-balanced class thanks to the launch of the Femmes et Sciences scholarship program.

Nearly 40% of your donations in 2023 were allocated to research excellence at the ENS, on themes such as global humanities, Artificial Intelligence, health and climate.

To find out about all the actions undertaken by the School last year, thanks to donations made to the ENS Foundation, consult the 2023 activity report.

Read the 2023 activity report